Victim of Employment Discrimination?

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Have you faced discrimination while on the job? Whether due to your age or skin color, you need to make sure to purse justice for this violation of your rights as an individual and an employer. Attorney Tarver has helped countless individuals obtain the results they deserved after they brought forward a claim. You do not have to navigate this time alone! Let our firm put our experienced handling contested employment cases to work for you today!

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What does discrimination look like?

While we have made many great strides as a nation, it is apparent that many individuals still harbor feelings of discrimination, which can often come out in the workplace. This is due to the fact that the workplace gives individuals power and control, which they often seek to exercise in an unfair way. As a New Jersey discrimination attorney, Robert L. Tarver, Jr. is prepared to be your voice.

We can stand up for victims who have been discriminated against due to:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Ethnic background
  • Pregnancy
  • National origin
  • Religious views

From denied benefits and raises to refusal of training and advancements, you may suffer from a variety of unfair treatment. This can also involve actions of sexual harassment, offensive conduct, or creating a hostile work environment. While it can be intimidating to bring forward a claim like this, the good news is that you do not have to go through this time alone. Our Toms River employment discrimination attorney is here to stand beside you and ensure you get the proper restitution you deserve.

If you have been a victim of discrimination, you need to contact the Law Offices of Robert L. Tarver, Jr. We are ready to stand up and be your voice.