Defense Against DUI Charges in NJ

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When pursuing legal guidance for a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) in New Jersey, the attorney you choose to represent your case can be the defining difference between having your case dismissed and being convicted. Attorney Robert Tarver has nearly 30 years of experience helping clients achieve the best possible case outcomes.

Robert L. Tarver, Jr. also has experience as a former head of the Narcotics Strike Force, which enables him to analyze evidence and build strong defense cases. Do not hesitate to contact the firm for the experienced legal guidance you need.

What penalties am I facing?

Penalties for the crime of driving under the influence or refusal to take a chemical test are very serious. For just a first-time offense, you can face license suspension, hefty fines, and potential jail time. For each subsequent charge, the penalties substantially increase.

The final result of your DUI case will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Specific facts of your case
  • Evidence of the state that can be used against you
  • Defenses used by your lawyer

Avoiding a Conviction in Atlantic City or Toms River

Specific procedures must take place from the moment you are pulled over onward. If a police officer willfully violates your rights or an error is made at any point during your arrest, Robert L. Tarver, Jr. can identify the problem and use it to your advantage in your defense.

He can examine a number of aspects of your case, including whether:

  • The police officer established probable cause
  • The police officer administered the tests using proper procedures
  • The testing devices were working correctly

As Robert L. Tarver, Jr. assess your case, he can determine whether a valid defense is available to resolve your issue. If there is a weak point in the prosecution's evidence against you, he can use this information in your favor. When you retain Robert L. Tarver, Jr. as your DUI defense lawyer in Toms River & Atlantic City, the firm will be by your side to help you obtain a favorable resolution.

A Tough Experienced Atlantic City & Toms River DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Toms River, Atlantic City. Ocean County, Monmouth County or any surrounding counties in New Jersey, we can help. After a DUI arrest, it is important to quickly obtain legal representation. DUI cases are complex on many different levels. Not only will there be a case in court, but the Department of Motor Vehicles may also take action against your driving privileges. Add to that insurance consequences and you begin to understand just how high the stakes are. You can lose your license and sometimes end up in jail.

Robert L. Tarver, Jr. has defended countless DUI cases as a defense lawyer. Often, a successful defense of a DUI case comes down to the details and his extensive background provides him an understanding of the important details which can affect DUI cases. Tarver has secured "not guilty" verdicts for DUI clients across the State of New Jersey. He has been successful through tough, aggressive representation. As a former prosecutor, he knows how to pick apart a prosecutors case. As a criminal defense attorney, he is known for his trial expertise.

Even if you think you are guilty of DUI, there may still be effective strategies which may be appropriate for your case, and may improve your court and DMV outcomes. If you plead guilty without exploring these possibilities, the system will move forward against you, even if it otherwise would not have done so.

Often DUI cases are built around the reliability of Alcohol Detection Devices such as the Alcotest Machine. We are knowledgeable about the machine requirements and what is required by the operator. Sometimes cases are built around the credibility of police officers. As a nationally known trial expert, Robert L. Tarver, Jr. knows how to attack credibility.

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This is not the time to work with a weak, timid or untried lawyer. You need a trial attorney. You need an attorney who is known to work hard and one who is respected by Prosecutors. You need to be confident that you are being represented by someone who will truly be able to help you reach your desirable result. You need the Law Offices of Robert L. Tarver, Jr. on your side. We represent clients in Atlantic City, Toms River, Ocean County, Monmouth County and all New Jersey Counties.