Toms River Drug Crime Lawyer

Facing charges of drug trafficking or possession?

If you or a loved one have recently been accused of a drug crime, then you are likely already aware of the struggle and stress that can accompany something of this nature. Due to the severe penalties associated with crimes of this nature, you cannot afford to be casual about your defense. You need to be proactive and aggressive as you fight to defend your future.

When charged with a drug crime, the very best thing that you can do for yourself is to secure the legal assistance of an experienced drug crime attorney that is well-versed in this area of the law. As a former prosecutor, Robert L. Tarver, Jr. knows all about narcotics prosecutions. Tarver was the legal head of the Narcotics Strike Force in New Jersey. He uses that knowledge to defend those charged with drug crimes. As a criminal defense attorney, Robert L. Tarver, Jr. has successfully defended those charged with drug crimes on the Municipal, State and federal level.

This is not the time to work with a weak, timid or untried lawyer. You need a trial attorney. You need an attorney who is known to work hard and one who is respected by Federal and State Prosecutors. You need to be confident that you are being represented by someone who will truly be able to help you reach your desirable result. You need the Law Offices of Robert L. Tarver, Jr. on your side.

Drug Crimes: How serious are they?

A common misconception among most people charged with drug offenses is that they are simple charges that will likely be resolved through treatment programs and probation. While those outcomes are certainly possible, it must be understood that drug offenses in new Jersey are prosecuted heavily, and without leniency by the police and Prosecutor's Offices. Because drug crime penalties are based primarily on the type of offense, it's important to consult with a lawyer after bail has been secured. Our office specializes in drug crime charges to include simple possession, distribution, trafficking, Driving Under the Influence of drugs (to include prescription drugs and medication), and manufacturing drugs. Each of these drug crimes are very serious in nature and carry with them mandatory sentences in many cases. If you have been charged with a drug offense in Atlantic City, Toms River, Ocean County, Atlantic County or anywhere in New Jersey, contact the drug crime defense lawyers at our firm today.

Possession of Narcotics/Controlled Dangerous Substances

While some drug crime cases are the result of a misunderstanding between parties, police officers and government officials will not go easy on any person they believe is in the possession of illegal narcotics or controlled substances. Even if you are simply holding the drugs for a friend or you were unaware that they were in your possession, you will likely face a harsh prosecution and maximum penalties if you choose to go to court without an attorney. At our office, we cannot stress the importance of having a drug crime lawyer enough. The officers who searched your home or car may have done so illegally, and if this is the case, the evidence they have collected may be suppressed. You will need to understand your rights when facing these charges, especially because if a large amount is found in your possession, you may be facing charges for the intent to sell. Click here to read more about possession of narcotics and controlled dangerous substances.

In the past 30 years, our Toms River criminal defense firm has handled a multitude of drug crime cases, including those involving marijuana. We have represented clients who have been charged with offenses such as the cultivation, distribution, importation, and manufacturing of any type of illegal drug, in addition to those charges related to possession of controlled substances, possession for sale, trafficking and transportation of illegal narcotics, and driving under the influence of drugs.

At our office, we know that the success of a person's case is directly proportional to the past experience and training of his/her defense attorney. Each attorney within our firm has a successful track record when it comes to defending clients who have been charged with drug crimes. We are serious litigators who remain focused upon obtaining the best possible outcome for every case that we undertake. We take on all types of drug crime cases, including those involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, crystal meth, hashish, ecstasy, Oxycontin, methamphetamine, and unauthorized prescription drugs.

Atlantic County Drug Crime Attorney

At the Law Offices of Robert L. Tarver, Jr., we are committed to representing clients who have been charged with disorderly persons and felony indictable drug offenses in Ocean County, Atlantic County, Monmouth County and surrounding New Jersey counties. Robert L. Tarver, jr. and his team of experienced drug crime attorneys will aggressively pursue upstanding outcomes for every single one of our clients' criminal cases. By working with one of the knowledgeable drug crime attorneys at our firm, you will not only receive the advice and resources you need to be successful in court, but also the experience you need to feel confident as your criminal case progresses.

If you have recently been charged with a drug crime, do not hesitate to contact Toms River drug crime lawyer, Robert L. Tarver, Jr., to receive your initial case consultation.